Monday, June 17, 2019

Super Hero Dad

To the next generation of dads, “Be a hero to your kiddo.” Be there to cheer your kiddos as they finish their goals in the race of life.

This past year, I have prayed & watched other dads grow with their kiddos. My brother taking his only daughter to her dance class & watching her grow. 

Also, I had watched my boyfriend’s son graduate high school & receiving Eagle Scout award. We are very proud of his son.

My dad never thought of himself as hero to us kiddos. 

He always put us first. An example: Dad would order a pizza for us kids on a Friday night. When the pizza arrived dad would let us eat first before he ate. Dad always made sure we were fed, safe, loved & happy.

Bulletproof by JD Rodriguez (my Dad). 06.30.1999

2 Corinthians 13:9

We are glad whenever we are weak but you are strong; and our prayer is for your perfection.

I have always enjoyed watching the old movies of Superman where George Reeves (later Christopher Reeves) portrays the man with the big S on the chest just waiting for the bad guys to shoot at him. I always knew that those bullets would bounce off in every situation but nonetheless I watched intently.

Superman was expected to defend the fears of all men by using his natural powers for the cause of good. Even the bad guys knew that their bullets were just being wasted when they shot at the man of the steel, yet then shot him for our entertainment. I often thought when I was very young that if I just wore the right uniform or the right cape, I would be just like Superman. Up to this day, I still have not found anything that I can wear to help me against the bullets of life except for Word of God.

Paul tells us that when we are weak God is strong in us. Many times we forget that God is right there the whole times we are so low because of comments made towards us. Paul wrote from experience of so many lows in his life when he rejected, neglected, abused, and refused. He came to his Christian walk to the point to where he depended on God’s word more than he did on man words. No matter what he was told negatively to him, he held God’s word much higher than any words from man. In other words, whatever bad things he was told, he let those words directed to him just bounce off of him. He bulletproof himself with word of God for the bad days when the enemy would come against him through individual not in line with God. I feel so good knowing Gods hold me up so much higher than any man on this earth. Paul speaks for us to continue to be strong in God striving for perfection just like Christ.

Yesterday, I visited a friend who’s thyroid glad was removed because of cancer in his throat area. He told me that while he was in intensive care room recovering from the operation, he spoke the word of God to his nurse. 

He quoted Philippians 4:19, “But my God shall supply your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Tears ran down her eyes because here was a man laid wounded from surgery, but yet he was quoting encouraging uplifting words to her. 

Through his misery of surgery he was very weak but became strong when he focuses God’s word. When are weak, and ye are strong. God will make us bulletproof to our pain to our misery to our weakest areas when we remember and lift up the word God to over selves and those around us.

Isn’t God just wonderful to have words that go far beyond what our frail vulnerable bodies that can only tolerate so much, yet the word of God can lift our hearts and minds to where eagles, Boeings and space shuttle fly no matter how much our emotions shakes.

Be Ready! 

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