Monday, May 28, 2012

America, the land of the free!

America, how beautiful you are to all of us. America, we are proud to live in this great nation. Free to praise the Lord.  Free to vote,  Free to write, Free to read the Bible in public, Free to speak our minds on the web or in public, Free to sing. Free to dance. Free to write on this blog. Free to watch You-Tube videos. There are a lot of nations where we can’t do all these things that I have listed.

Each Memorial  Day and 4th of July, I reflect how great to live in America. Also, reflect those who are in service or fought for our nation. I would like to say “Thank you to my family members, friends or co-workers, friends of family, friends of friends, my neighbors…. I can go on and on. We thank you for serving all those long hours in the field, in the office, in an airplane, in Washington D.C, on a Med team, station in another country ( away from your family) to protect us and our nation. I thank those who have passed away while they fought for our nation. Freedom we live in land of the free because of you.

Picture Taken by Isleen (July,2011)

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